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This free website is meant to provide a second opinion about diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat and Head & Neck. This is not meant to provide a primary consultation. Only patients who have already seen an ENT specialist, and their condition has been investigated, and a diagnosis has been made may ask for a second opinion.

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Summary of
the Middle Ear Effusion in children

Signs and Symptoms

  • It can go unnoticed, as it is not normally associated with pain like earaches
  • It is normally associated with hearing loss
  • It can also be associated with symptoms due to enlargement of adenoids
  • It can also follow an acute infection of middle ear


  • Examination of the ear
  • Middle ear pressure should be checked an objective test called tympanometry
  • A hearing test should also be carried out


  • It is a self limiting condition, where it is possible for it to resolve itself over a period of three months, meaning there is no need for any treatment
  • Medications like antihistamines and antibiotics, nasal sprays etc. are not indicated and have no benefit
  • If OME is not an incidental finding, then parents and others can implement simple measures to support the hearing loss and minimize the effect of OME

Surgical Treatment

  • If the OME does not resolve itself, then a small surgical procedure called Myringotomy can be performed to place a ventilation tube.